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rose opéra

A passionate awakening with the notes of saffron on your skin – you are the temptation!

Jordi Fernández

It was the explosion of beauty in a field of saffron that captured the senses of the famous oriental master perfumer, Jórdi Fernandez.

On sharing his feelings with Beatrice Aguilar, she remembered it had been said that Cleopatra and Mark Anthony perfumed themselves with saffron before their romantic encounters.

It was then, when both experts had investigated the makeup of this fragrance, that they came up with a new aroma, unique, sophisticated and daring. The first impression is at once fresh and floral, due to the Calabrian bergamot and the fruity notes of wild strawberries. Pepper rose, cardamom and macis (also known as the nutmeg flower) round off the mid notes of the perfume. Other ingredients are jasmine, artemisia, tagete and rose of Turkey, which unveils a mix of cedar wood, roots of vetiver with touches of patchouli and oak moss. The fragrance is as voluptuous as it is elegant.

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