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Tano Pisano

This famous Sicilian artist felt that the perfume Brun Sicilien was destined to honour the memory of the intimate aroma of the earth.

In the presence of Brun Sicilien notes and with the pigment on his palette, Tano remembered a few embroideries he had seen in the Palazza Davanzatti Museum in Florence, when he stood in front of those, entirely captivated, as if he would enter into an unknown dimension. That’s why Tano imagined a kaleidoscope of geometric images. In these, a common denominator, the heat infused by wood as it burns on the fire, the warmth of horse’s hair transmitted to the rider’s body, the heat when wearing leather, and the warmth of a caress. It is this last warm touch that provides the beauty in the perfume Brun Sicilien.

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